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Nsproxy is a DNS proxy and cluster manager written in go. This project acts as a normal DNS server (in addition to the cluster managment) and allows the use of custom DNS entries. Currently nsproxy fully supports A, AAAA, and CNAME entries.


Quick start

There are 3 main ways to run nsproxy:

  1. Docker:
    we have nsproxy pre-packaged over on the dockerhub, go grab the latest and run:

    docker run -d -p 8080:8080 -p 53:53 unixvoid/nsproxy
  2. ACI/rkt:
    we have public rkt images hosted on the site! check them out here or go give us a fetch for 64bit machines!

    rkt fetch unixvoid.com/nsproxy

    This image can be run with rkt or you can grab our handy service file

  3. From Source:
    Are we not compiled for your architecture? Wanna hack on the source? Lets bulid and deploy:

    make dependencies
    make run

If you want to build a docker use: make docker
If you want to build an ACI use: make aci


Big shoutout to the guys over at miekg, this project makes use of their dns library for go.