Building nsproxy

This project requires golang to be installed with the dependencies in place.

  • To pull the dependencies on your box simply issue make deps to do all the go gets for you.
  • make will accept the following commands:
    • make nsproxy will dynamically build nsproxy
    • make stat will statically build nsproxy
    • make stage will build and stage all files for preperation of building a container
    • make link will link the project to your GOPATH, this way if a pkg changes it will be updated in your GOPATH as well
    • make deps will do all the required go gets for you
    • make populate will populate the local DNS server with entries for testing
    • make testhealthcheck will run a health check docker against a local version of nsproxy
    • make rmhealthcheck will remove the docker containers made by testhealthcheck
    • make test will test against the entries added by make populate
    • make docker will build a docker image. You can specify a non default docker name by editing the IMAGE_NAME field of the Makefile
    • make install will install the compiled nsproxy in /usr/bin/
    • make clean will clean the project of all tmp directories and binaries